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Chatillon Type 8200 Commercial 13" Dial Hanging Scales

Model: 8200

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Manufactured by: Chatillon
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These 13-inch dial hanging scales are constructed of chrome plated steel with machined stainless steel of chrome plated steel pinions and phosphor bronze rack combination for low friction performance even at elevated temperatures. Double dial reaches full capacity in three revolutions. Runners are indexed for each revolution. Brass air dashpots eliminates pointer oscillation. Zero adjustments allows for taring up to 10% of dial capacity. H44 Class III "Legal For Trade" models are sealable by local Weights & Measures jurisdictions for point of sale use. Class IIII models may be use in limited trade transactions. No Class models are ideal for internal use or customer convenience. Standard attachments include a stainless steel round pan, rectangular galvanized steel pan with bow or swivel hook. Shipping weight 11 lbs (5 kg).

  • 13-inch diameter easy-to-read glass covered double dial
  • Chrome plated steel outer band and glass-retaining sashes
  • Stainless steel pinion and phosphor bronze rack combinations
  • ensures low friction performance at elevated temperatures
  • Dual brass air dashpots eliminates pointer oscillation
  • Full capacity in three pointer revolutions. Runners indexed for each revolution
  • Zero adjust screw may be used to zero out additional tares up to 10% of dial reading (3.3% of scale capacity)
  • Temperature compensated (TEMPRUF®) or precision steel springs
  • Available H44 Class III, "Legal For Trade"
Bottom Hook

ModelCapacityDialGraduationsSpringsH44 Class
0628HDD30lb x 0.5ozDoubleAvoirdupoisTEMPRUFIII
8230HDD30lb x 1ozDoubleAvoirdupoisSteelNone
0728HDD60lb x 1ozDoubleAvoirdupoisTEMPRUFIII
8260HDD60lb x 1ozDoubleAvoirdupoisSteelNone
K0628HDD15kg x 20gDoubleMetricTEMPRUFIII
8215KGHDD15kg x 20gDoubleMetricSteelNone
8230KGHDD30kg x 50gDoubleMetricSteelNone
7280XHT150lb x 4ozDoubleAvoirdupoisTEMPRUFIII
7280XH150lb x 4ozDoubleAvoirdupoisSteelNone
7290H300lb x 8ozDoubleAvoirdupoisSteelNone
7290 3/4H600lb x 8ozDoubleAvoirdupoisSteelNone

AS Pan

ModelCapacityDialGraduationsSpringsH44 Class
5628ASDD30lb x 0.5ozDoubleAvoirdupoisTEMPRUFIII
8230ASDD30lb x 1ozDoubleAvoirdupoisSteelNone
5728ASDD60lb x 1ozDoubleAvoirdupoisTEMPRUFIII
8260ASDD60lb x 1ozDoubleAvoirdupoisSteelNone
K5628ASDD15kg x 20gDoubleMetricTEMPRUFIII
8215KGASDD15kg x 20gDoubleMetricSteelNone
8230KGASDD30kg x 50gDoubleMetricSteelNone

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