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Scale Conversion and Comparison Calculators Professional Organizations & Associations Scale Magazines / Reviews Manufacturers

Scale Conversion and Comparison Calculators

Weights and measures Conversions
International Measurement Comparisons


Professional Organizations & Associations

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
American Society for Testing and Materials
Central Weights and Measures Association
Southern Weights and Measures Association
( )
Weighing & Measurement - WAM Publishing Co.
( )
Western Weights & Measures Association
U.S. Department of Commerce
( )
U.S. Department of Agriculture
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
ISWM International Society of Weighing & Measurement
( )
NISA National Industrial Scale Association
NCWM National Conference on Weights And Measures
NTEP National Type Evaluation Program
Scales and Weights
State Weights and Measures Offices
Aquatest IP Ratings
International Organization for Legal Metrology (OIML)
Measurement Canada
Independent Scale Dealers Association


Scale Magazines and Reviews

Powder and Bulk Engineering Magazine
( )
The Scale Press
Scale Manufacturers Association
Scale Magazine
Weighing and Measurement Magazine


Scale Manufacturers

(Go to Acculab's Website) (View all Acculab Products)

Adam Equipment
(Go to Adam Equipment's Website) (View all Adam Equipment Products)
(Go to AmCells' Website) (View all AmCells Products)
AND (A&D Weighing)
(Go to AND's Website) (View all AND Products)
(Go to Cardinal's Website) (View all Cardinal Products)

(Go to CAS' Website) (View all CAS Products)

(Go to Chatillon's Website) (View all Chatillon Products)

(Go to Detecto's Website) (View all Detecto Products)


(Go to Doran's Website) (View all Doran Products)

Health O Meter

(Go to Health O Meters' Website) (View all Health O Meter Products)


(Go to InScale's Website) (View all InScale Products)


(Go to Intercomp's Website) (View all Intercomp Products)


(Go to IWT Website) (View all IWT Products)

Mettler Toledo

(Go to Mettler Toledo's Website) (View all Mettler Toledo Products)


(Go to Ohaus' Website) (View all Ohaus Products)

Salter Brecknell

(Go to Salter Brecknell's Website) (View all Salter Brecknell Products)


(Go to Sartorius' Website) (View all Sartorius Products)


(Go to Seca's Website) (View all Seca Products)


(Go to Setra's Website) (View all Setra Products)


(Go to Shimadzu's Website) (View all Shimadzu Products)


(Go to Tanita's Website) (View all Tanita Products)


(Go to Tor-rey's Website) (View all Tor-rey Products)

Transcell Technologies

(Go to Transcell Technologies' Website) (View all Transcell Technologies Products)


(Go to Triner's Website) (View all Triner Products)

Virtual Measurement & Control

(Go to Virtual Measurement's Website) (View Virtual Measurement Products)

Yamato Corporation

(Go to Yamato Corp's Website) (View all Yamato Corp Products)


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