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Scale-Tronix 6002 Wheelchair Scale

Model: 6002

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Manufactured by: Scale-Tronix
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Our new multi-purpose wheelchair scales are the leading edge in electronic weighing—offering the ultimate in convenience to operator and patient. A paper-tape printer automatically prints out patient weight providing a permanent, accurate record.

Only Scale-Tronix scales automatically return to zero. All other scales require manual zeroing for each weighing by pushing a button or turning a knob. Ours are the only wheelchair scales that allow you to weigh a continuous stream of patients without zeroing in between. A recall feature retains the last weight reading after the patient has left the scale—for any period of time until the next patient is weighed. If the patient gets off the scale and the operator forgets the weight, simply press the “Recall” button. The previous weight is displayed and a “Prior Weight” message blinks. In addition, the press of a button allows reweighing while the patient is still on the scale—there’s no need to get off. This is useful if a patient carries extraneous objects onto the scale. Audible signals indicate when patient’s weight is stored in memory.

Scale-Tronix wheelchair scales are battery operated—six D-size batteries last one year, or approximately 20,000 weighings. No power cords.

The scale’s ergometric design is perfectly balanced to roll effortlessly. The low-profile platform remains motionless while weighing—provides accurate weight on any floor surface, even carpeting.

  • Wheelchair, chair and stand-on scale.
  • Automatic zero.
  • Weight recall.
  • Reweigh.
  • Cordless.
  • Platform - Low profile, 24"w X 26"d X 2"h, with heavy-duty rubber wheels.
  • Accuracy - 1/10 lb-100 gm.
  • Weighing Range - 880 lbs-400 kg.
  • Readout - Digital LED in lb/kg.
  • Power Source-Cordless - 6 D-size disposable batteries. Line cord available on special order.
  • Automatic Zero - Returns to zero, ready for the next patient.
  • Weight Recall - Recalls last weight.
  • Reweigh - Recomputes weight while patient is on scale.
  • Audible Signal - Indicates weight is in memory.
  • Low Battery Indicator - Indicates battery needs replacing.
  • Weighing Mechanism - Electronic load cells.
  • Successive Weighing - Weigh a continuous stream of patients without re-zeroing.
  • Handrail - (Accessory) Heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Height Gauge - (Accessory) Stainless steel, in/cm.
  • Printer - (Accessory) Built-in, paper-tape, uses standard thermal paper.
  • Computer Capability - RS-232 output (optional).
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