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"Road Runner" Precision Wheel Weighers by Evergreen provide simple, accurate weighing of aircraft, and other vehicles. Road Runner checks aircraft weight and balance after modifications or fitting of new accessories. Flight safety is improved by periodic weighing to verify weight and balance is within limits. Simply roll the aircraft up the ramps onto the scales or jack the wheels and slide the pads under tires.

A single high performance strain gauge load cell is in each pad. Temperature compensation prevents zero shift or sensitivity changes. Weighing pads, indicator and cables are color coded for easy match up. LCD Channel Indicator is readable in direct sunlight, and displays each pad or total combination. Self powered rechargeable battery features 30 hr operation between re- charging. Operates from 115VAC when charger is plugged in (220VAC optional).

Features heavy duty cast construction, interchangeable pads, pounds/kilograms selector, certificate of conformance, and 1 year warranty. Pad size: 1000 and 2000 lb. pads 13"L x 14"W x 2-3/4"H. 5000 lb. pads and higher 17"l x 17 "w x 4 "h. All Road Runner Wheel Weigher sets lnclude (1) 3-channel indicator, 3 colored cables, (1) 110V battery charger cable, 3 ramps, and 6 tie stops. Also includes a case.

Capacities Available (Per Pad):
  • 2,500lbs
  • 6,000lbs
  • 10,000lbs
  • 15,000lbs
  • Extra cable, colored
  • Extra ramps, small, set of 3
  • Extra ramps, large, set of 3
  • Extra tire stops (chocks)
  • 220V Battery Charger Cable for overseas
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