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GEC AN60-5 Aircraft Weighing System

Model: AN60-5

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Manufactured by: GEC Scales
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Dependable: The AN60-5 scales have proven themselves dependable time and time again over the past 20 years.

Lightweight: The AN60-5 weight is half that of comparable scales. Two persons can easily carry and setup the AN60-5 scales.

Large Capacity: The AN60-5 weighing systems have a capacity of up to 60,000 pounds per platform.

Accuracy: These GEC weighing systems are remarkably accurate - up to ±0.1% of the applied load (or 5 pounds) with excellent repeatability.

Scale Leveling: No leveling or electronic devices needed to correct for uneven surfaces.

High Strength: GEC uses a special bonded aluminum honeycomb sandwich construction that is super strong, light in weight and almost unaffected by weather. It has been tested to the most extreme conditions, having been used the world over by commercial airlines, governments, and the military.
Transportability: The AN60-5 can be moved very easily from site to site and aircraft to aircraft. The contract weighing department of GEC has been using the AN60-5 since 1990 and has shipped the scale to all parts of the world without the need for recalibration.

Exclusive "HAEL" Load Cell: Over the past 10 years the patented "HAEL" load cell has proven the most dependable load sensing design available. It is the heart of the AN60 weighing system.

Fully Self-Contained: No cables to get tangled up. No damage from falling off jacks. No hassle. Just move the aircraft onto the platforms and take accurate readings from the liquid crystal indicator.

  • Only 140 pounds 
  • 60,000 lbs. Capacity 
  • Accurate to ±0.1% of applied Load
  • FAA approved
  • No leveling required
  • Self-contained 
  • Factory Mutual, FMRC #1T1A2.AX
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