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Troemner Cast Iron Grip Handle Class F Weights

Model: Cast Iron Class F

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Manufactured by: Troemner
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General Information

Cast Iron Class F Grip Handle Weights are primarily used to test commercial weighing devices by state and local weights and measures officials, device installers and service technicians. Cast Iron Class F Grip Handle Weights may be used to test most accuracy Class III scales, all scales of Class III L or IIII, and scales not marked with a Class designation. Class F is also acceptable for use verifying scales that have a 0.1% accuracy and lower. Cast Iron Class F Grip Handle Weights larger than 5 kg / 10 lb are legal for trade, which means their design is acceptable for use in checking weighing devices where the price of the item being purchased is based on its weight. Cast Iron Class F Grip Handle Weights 5 kg / 10 lb and smaller are not legal for trade and are classified as ANSI/ASTM Class 6. If you require a 2 kg or 5 lb weight for a legal for trade application, see the Stainless Steel Test Weights section on the web site.

Construction and General Shape

Troemner's Cast Iron Grip Handle Weights are manufactured from a high quality iron that meets NIST Handbook 105-1 specifications for hardness. Castings meet surface roughness requirements of NIST Handbook 105-1 and are free of cracks, pits and sharp edges. Adjusting cavities are in each weight and the cavity opening is located on the side of the weight to meet NIST Handbook 105-1 specifications. Adjusting cavities are sealed with a lead plug and steel back-up spacer to provide a tamper resistant seal of the adjusting cavity. Weights are protected by a durable coat of paint – gold for metric and silver for avoirdupois – to protect the casting from rusting. Weights 50 kg / 100 lb and below are designed to be picked up and handled by hand. Weights above 50 kg / 100 lb are designed to be picked up and handled by means of a hook. For dimensions of cast iron grip handle weights, please see the dimension tables below.

Surface Finish

All surfaces shall be smooth and free of scratches, dents and pores as outlined in NIST Handbook 105-1. Paint will be hard and resistant to chipping. Color codings (gold for metric and silver for avoirdupois) shall be used to differentiate the weights.

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