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Denver Instruments Summit Series Balances

Model: Summit

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Manufactured by: Denver Instruments
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The Summit Series from Denver Instrument offer simplicity, accuracy and reliability at economical prices. Comprehensive features make these instruments ideal for laboratory, industrial and educational environments.

Newer is better. These balances incorporate single-block weighing technology, for quicker response times and accurate, repeatable results. Latest microprocessor technology makes these balances super fast. Display is easy to read thanks to cool-white backlight.

Economical. Priced right, the Summit Series is the answer for organizations demanding precision while working with a limited budget. Choose from internal and external calibration models. The SI-Series features internal, automatic calibration at a keypress. For the S-Series, use a precision external weight for calibration to assure that every reading is accurate.

Easy operation. Large TARE key provides quick zeroing of the balance. Basic weighing is effortless. Menu-driven operation provides access to advanced weighing features and applications.

Parts counting. Summit Series balances are ideal for inventory and process control. Simply place the reference quantity (1 to 100 pieces) on the pan and the balance will do the rest. Add or subtract pieces for an accurate piece count.clude glass draft shield with easysliding doors for maximum ease and access.

Percent weighing. The versatile features of these balances allow measurement of a percent proportional to a reference weight. Eliminate human errors by seeing the weight increase or decrease in percentage points instead of typical weigh units.

Animal weighing. Moving animals can be very difficult to weigh. The Summit Series balance takes multiple weight readings and then locks the average reading on the display so it can easily be recorded or sent to a printer or computer. Density. Built-in calculator determines the density of solid samples using the buoyancy method. Purchase a complete density kit for analytical balances or use the below balance weighing port.

Multiple weighing modes. With the press of a single key, toggle between five weigh units including grams, ounces, grains, carats and pounds as well as 13 other units.

Time and date stamp with each result. When attached to a computer or printer the balance will send not only the weight reading, along with the units, but it will also export the time and date that the measurement was taken.

RS232 interface. Connect the Summit Series balance to a computer or printer for a permanent record of results. Press the PRINT key and the results are transferred automatically. Easy to integrate into a GLP or ISO program.

Built to last. These balances are constructed to withstand the rigors of diverse environments from educational to industrial use. Stainless steel pans allow for easy clean up.

Full access draft shield. The draft shield is 6 ¾”L x 7”W and 8 ½”H. It has three sliding doors making access to the chamber a breeze. The pan drip, ring and draft shield floor are made of stainless steel and are easy to remove for cleaning up spills.

Analytical ModelsS/SI-64S/SI-114S/SI-234
Taring Range0 to 60g0 to 110g0 to 230g
Pan Size3.5" dia.3.5" dia.3.5" dia.

Toploading ModelsS/SI-203S/SI-403S/SI-603S/SI-402S/SI-602
Taring Range0 to 200g0 to 400g0 to 600g0 to 400g0 to 600g
Pan Size4.5" dia.4.5" dia.4.5" dia.4.5" dia.4.5" dia.

Toploading ModelsS/SI-2002S/SI-4002S/SI-6002S/SI-4001S/SI-8001
Taring Range0 to 2000g0 to 4000g0 to 6000g0 to 4000g0 to 8000g
Pan Size7" x 7"7" x 7"7" x 7"7" x 7"7" x7 "

Common Specifications:
Stabilization Time:3 Seconds
Dimensions Analyticals:12.1 x 8.5 x 12.4"
Dimensions Toploaders:12.1 x 8.5 x 3.8"
Internal Analytical Chamber Dimensions:6.5 x 6.7 x 9.3"
Operating Temperature:10º - 30ºC
Net Weight (Analyticals):

SI models: 10.5lb
S models: 9.7lb

Net Weight (Toploaders):SI models: 7.9lb
S models:7lb
Electrical Requirements:115V 50/60Hz
(additional voltages available)

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