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GEC AN60-6 Low Profile Aircraft Weighing System

Model: AN60-6

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Manufactured by: GEC Scales
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Low Profile:  The AN60-6 height is than 2.25", half the height of most scales of this capacity. Enables the use of lightweight accessories and eliminates the need for long approaches to the weighing area.

Lightweight:  The AN60-6 weight is half that of comparable scales. One person can easily carry and setup the AN60-6 scales.

Large Capacity:  The AN60-6 weighing systems have a capacity of up to 60,000 pounds per platform.

Accuracy: These GEC weighing systems are remarkably accurate - up to ±0.1% of the applied load (or 10 pounds) with excellent repeatability.

Scale Leveling:  No leveling or electronic devices needed to correct for uneven surfaces.

The CG Mastermind Handheld Computer: The optional Handheld computer is pre-programmed device that communicates wirelessly with multiple platforms. Which calculates weighing results are available instantaneously, data includes Moment; gross weight; reaction point weight; lateral weight distribution and CG in both inches and % MAC, total arms.

Transportability: The AN60-6 can be moved very easily from site to site and aircraft to aircraft. The contract weighing department of GEC has been using the AN60-6 since 2000 and has shipped the scale to all parts of the world without the need for recalibration.

  • Only 2.25" high 
  • Under 100 pounds
  • 60,000 lbs. capacity 
  • Accurate to ±0.1% of applied Load
  • FAA approved
  • No leveling required
  • Self-contained - no cables 
  • Optional GEC CG Mastermind Handheld Computer 
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