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Massload Technologies Portable Weigh in Motion

Model: Portable Weigh in Motion

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Manufactured by: Massload Technologies
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If you need to move your weigh in motion system around, this is the type of system for you. Massload provides an excellent portable solution for weigh in motion.


The weight sensors we suggest for a portable system are our very successful line of Ultra Slim Weighpads. Lightweight, robust, and low profile, these pads can be laid on any flat, hard, and level surface, connected to the computer, and within minutes, your system is ready to go.


 Leveling Track

For best accuracy, it is recommended that the vehicle is level with the weighpad. For this, we offer interlocking leveling track. The length of track is dependent on the length of vehicle you are weighing. The vehicle should be completely on the leveling track before any axle crosses the weighpads, and should remain on the leveling track until all axles have passed over the weighpads.


This track comes in compact and lightweight 36" x 24" (20lbs / piece) pieces. Handles are machined into the pad that make it easy to carry and assemble.

The roll up leveling mats makes moving and setting up as easy as 1-2-3. Designed to work with Ultraslim Weigh pads Great for portable weighing in motion and static applications


Cabling for a portable system consists of 1 Y-cable. There is an industry standard, water tight amphenol connector on each of the Y - ends that connect to the weighpads. On the other end is a 9 pin D connector that connects to the weigh in motion interface card. The length of cable can be up to 300 feet. Direct interface from Weighing in Motion scale to usb port of computer


  • Samples sensor at 16,000 times a second - competition samples at 550 per second
  • If used in static weighing application (.002% resolution )
  • Unlimited linearity adjustment
  • No external power supply needed
  • Fully rated
  • USB 1.1 computer interface - use weigh in motion software with your laptop!
  • Forget the full sized desktop. 16 bit resolution Connect up to 8 devices to one computer
  • Can power twelve 300 ohm load cells
  • Backwards compatible with LCIC card
  • Small, standalone package, easy to wire to any scale
  • Calibration is stored on the device, not the computer, just plug it in and go
  • Easy to use, windows based calibration utility and library. Drivers for Win98, 2000, XP, Linux and OS X
Optional Components

  • 12VDC to 110VAC inverter to use power from a cigarette car lighter.
  • Custom made carrying cases to keep all your weigh in motion components together and safe.
  • Printers
  • Wireless networking components.
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