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Active Scale Manufacturing Inc. Modu-Deck Series Truck Scales

Model: Modu-Deck

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Manufactured by: Active Scale Manufacturing Inc.
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Unlike most competitors' scales, the Modu-Deck™ contains NO proprietary technology or components, which trap you into one source, and highest cost for parts and labor.  With the Modu-Deck™ you have the freedom to choose any competitive, qualified, service organization to provide parts and labor for calibration and maintenance during the entire life of the scale.

The Modu-Deck™ is available in a portable model.  It can be set up for permanent or year-round use.  For temporary installations the Modu-Deck™ portable vehicle scale can be set on pre-cast concrete slabs or wood timbers, ready to be moved from site to site, bringing the foundation with the scale.

This cutaway view of the Modu-Deck™ weighbridge shows how the load cell and mount are totally encapsulated within the weighbridge.  Most other modular design scales mount the load cells, cabling and summing boxes in a confined space between adjoining modules, creating a severe maintenance problem.  Only Marginal protection is provided by a removable plate running the width of the scale.  This space becomes a collecting place for mud, snow, ice and deck run-off, which often contains corrosive chemicals resulting in premature failure of the load cells, load cell mounts and summing network.

The Modu-Deck™ encapsulated design virtually eliminates all of these problems by creating a protected clean area for the load cell and pier area below it.

The Modu-Deck™ by Active Scale is available in steel deck or concrete deck versions, in a range of concentrated loading capacities.  All of which are N.T.E.P. approved as well as type approved for use in trade in Canada.

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