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Troemner ANSI/ASTM E617 Class 6 Brass Weights

Model: ANSI/ASTM E617 Class 6

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Manufactured by: Troemner
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General Information

Troemner Brass Weights and Weight Sets are economical, quality weights for educational use. Individual weights are available from 2000 g to 1 mg. Weight Sets are designed to achieve any total mass by combining smaller masses. The makeup of Brass Weight Sets varies. Weights are adjusted to tolerances specified by ANSI/ASTM E617 Class 6. Brass Weights are provided in three designs; standard, hooked, and slotted to meet all educational needs. Slotted and Hook Weights are also available in Newton denominations from 0.1 N to 10 N (5 N for Slotted Weights).

Construction and General Shape
  • Standard Design Weights - Weights 1 g and above are carefully manufactured of lacquered brass and are cylindrical in shape for easy gripping. Weights 1 g to 100 g are of one-piece construction and are adjusted during manufacture by removing material from the bottom of the weight. Weights 200 g through 2 kg have an adjusting cavity on the top that is sealed with a plug. Brass weights 1 g and above are perfectly flat on top to stack easily on center. Weights 500 mg and lower are made of sheet metal and are one-piece construction with one side turned up to make them easy to handle with forceps. 500 mg and 200 mg weights are made of stainless steel while weights 100 mg and below are made of aluminum.
  • Slotted Weights 10 g to 500 g (0.1 N to 5 N) are made of brass, and weights 1 g to 5 g are made of aluminum. All Slotted Weights have an approximate diameter of 1 5/8 inches and have a slot opening width of 1/4 inch. A hanger is also available from which you can stack and hang your slotted weights. The overall length of the hanger is approximately 7 7/8 inches with a useable length of 7 inches. The hanger is designed to accept the slotted weights.
  • Hook Weights range from 10 g to 1 kg (0.1 N to 10 N) and are made of brass. On all Hook Weights, except the 10 g, there is a hook on the top and the bottom of the weight so the weights can be hooked together. The 10 g (0.1 N) Hook Weight has a hook on the top only. The design of the Hook Weight allows the bottom hook to be recessed in the bottom, so the hooked weights can be set on a flat surface without tipping over. The opening of the hook for each weight is 1/2 inch.
  • All Brass Weights regardless of design are marked with their nominal mass value.
Surface Finish

As outlined in ANSI/ASTM E617, all Brass and Aluminum Weights have a satin finish. Brass Weight surfaces are protected with a coat of lacquer.

  • For your convenience, and for the protection of your weights, Brass Weight Sets are available in rugged, attractive foam-lined or molded compartment polypropylene boxes and cases. These boxes and cases are designed for both convenience and long service life.
  • Individual weights are not supplied in any protective cases as standard. However, for an extra charge, a polypropylene protective weight case can be specified and ordered in a variety of constructions to meet your needs (contact us).
  • Standard Brass Weight Sets are supplied in rugged, attractive foam-lined or molded compartment polypropylene cases with a carrying handle. Weights 200 g and above have their own compartment within the dense foam interior case. Smaller weights are contained within a smaller polypropylene case that fits into the larger carrying case. This "case within a case" design helps keep smaller weights from getting lost and also allows smaller weights to be taken out of the master case and used closer to the user's application
  • Slotted Weight Sets are supplied either on a rack with a carrying handle or in a plastic case with a foam interior. The more popular choice for customers is the weight rack. Individual Slotted Weights are not supplied with a case or rack.
  • Hook Weight Sets are supplied in an open plastic block with a compartment for each weight. There is no lid on the block. Individual Hook Weights are not supplied in a protective case.

**Caution** Weight cases are not intended to be used as shipping containers. When you ship your weights to be calibrated, the weights and weight sets must be over packed in larger containers and/or cartons to protect your weight cases.

Weight Set Configuration Information

Weight Sets are designed to achieve any total mass by combining smaller masses. The makeup of Brass Weight Sets varies.

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