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Adam Equipment AMB Series Moisture Balances

Model: AMB

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Manufactured by: Adam Equipment
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AMB moisture balances provide a rapid and accurate method for moisture determination and dry weight analysis of a wide range of products and materials. In research work, as well as in manufacturing and quality control applications it is essential to be able to determine moisture content simply and reliably.

AMB moisture balances provide moisture content data as a percentage of initial mass or of the residual dry mass.

The operator sets the drying mode using one of the 7 preset modes and test temperature and time.  The balances can also be set up to display percentage solid content.

A suitable sample of the product is placed inside the drying chamber, test parameters are entered via the keypad and the analysis is started with a simple key press. Two quartz halogen heaters provide constant, even drying of the sample at a temperature pre-selected by the operator. The advanced software closely monitors the temperature in the drying chamber and maintains it to within 1°C of the chosen setting.  Memory for the temperature correction of up to 9 types of products can be user programmed.

As the analysis progresses the balance displays the current status, in accordance with the chosen parameters, keeping the operator updated on each stage of the process. The analysis will automatically terminate either when drying is complete and the dry weight is stable, or after a fixed time specified by the operator. The final analysis result is shown on the large LED display and the last drying procedure will be stored.

At the end of the analysis all relevant data concerning initial mass, residual mass, test parameters and results can be sent to a printer or PC via an RS-232 interface. When the moisture balance is connected to a PC the optional data acquisition software allows the operator to produce a graph plotting results against time, providing valuable information on speed of drying and confirmation of dry weight stability. Results of individual tests can be stored in the computer memory for subsequent comparison.

  • Large LED displays show percentage moisture or percentage solid, plus mode, temperature and time
  • 2 quartz halogen heaters provide constant and even drying
  • 7 preset drying modes
  • Temperature range 50°C to 160°C, also available in high temperature version operating up to 250°C
  • Maintenance of the pre-selected temperature to within 1°C
  • Analysis automatically terminates when drying is complete or after a user selectable time
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface for connection to a computer or printer
  • Memory stores last drying procedure
  • Memory for temperature correction for 9 types of sample (user programmable)
  • Calibration facilities for temperature and weight
This scale (Excluding AMB50 Model) has either been discontinued or the model number has changed.  The information on this page is for viewing and reference purpose only.  Please call us at 1-800-526-0070 for the replacement model number or to suggest a comparable model. Thank you.

 AMB 50AMB 50HAMB 110AMB 110HAMB 310AMB 310H
Maximum capacity:50g50g110g110g310g310g
Readability:1mg / 0.01%1mg / 0.01%1mg / 0.01%1mg / 0.01%1mg / 0.01%1mg / 0.01%
Resolution:0.01% Moisture0.01% Moisture0.01% Moisture0.01% Moisture0.01% Moisture0.01% Moisture
Tare range:FullFullFullFullFullFull
Repeatability:2mg or 0.2% (1g sample), 0.02% (10g sample)2mg or 0.2% (1g sample), 0.02% (10g sample)2mg or 0.2% (1g sample), 0.02% (10g sample)2mg or 0.2% (1g sample), 0.02% (10g sample)2mg or 0.2% (1g sample), 0.02% (10g sample)2mg or 0.2% (1g sample), 0.02% (10g sample)
Linearity (±):2mg2mg3mg3mg4mg4mg
Typical stabilization time:Weighing: 5 secsWeighing: 5 secsWeighing: 5 secsWeighing: 5 secsWeighing: 5 secsWeighing: 5 secs
Units of measure:grams / % moisture / % solid
Interface:Bi-directional RS-232
Calibration:Automatic external
Display:4 LED displays: Temp, time, mode and weight or %
Draught shield type:Metal shield as standard housing heating element
Pan size:100mm Ø / 3.9″ Ø
Overall dimensions (w×d×h):200×270×195 mm / 7.9×10.6×7.7″
Gross weight:5kg / 11lb
Drying temperature range:50-160°C (250°C on AMB H) increments of 1°C
Time setting:1sec-10hrs
Moisture range:0-100%
Heater type:Dual quartz halogen tubes
No. of preset working modes:7
Sampling interval time:1-59 secs
Power of heaters:200W
Time to heat chamber to 100°C:1 min

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 27 July, 2006.
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