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Chatillon Table Top Series

Model: Table Top

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Manufactured by: Chatillon
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Designed for the home, office and industry.  These precision table top scales are ideal for applications where economy is a must.  Scales feature a temperature-compensated dual spring mechanism for precision measurement under varying conditions.  Dual support posts ensure good platform stability.  Slanted dials feature a shatter-resistant acrylic window with easy-to-read, high contrast lines and numbers.

Convenient zero adjust knob helps compensate for tare weights up to 10% of the scale's capacity.  Available with stainless steel platforms and galvanized spider and scoop.  Air dashpot included with select models.

  • Compact design ideal for small work areas
  • Temperature compensated dual spring mechanism
  • Two support posts provide good platform stability
  • Slanted dials and high-contrast numbers and lines for easy reading
  • Rust-resistant internal components extends life of product
  • Convenient zero adjust knob compensates for tare weights up to 10% of scale capacity
  • Dial graduations in Pounds, and Pound/Kilogram combinations
Single Reading Table Top Scales:

ModelCapacityHousingPlatformDashpot KitWeight (lbs)
T0232oz x 1/8ozSteel/Painted304SSTStandard7.75
T02-SSP32oz x 1/8ozSteel/PaintedSST Round panStandard7.75
T05 55lb x 1/2ozSteel/Painted304SSTStandard7.75
T05-SSP5lb x 1/2 ozSteel/PaintedSST Round PanStandard7.75
T105lb x 1/2ozSteel/Painted304SSTStandard7.75
T10-SSp10lb x 1ozSteel/PaintedSST Round PanStandard7.75
T10-P10lb x 1ozSteel/PaintedSpider/ScoopStandard11.0
T2020lb x 1ozSteel/Painted304SSTStandard8.25
T20-SSP20lb x 1ozSteel/PaintedSST Round PanStandard8.25
T20-P20lb x 1ozSteel/PaintedSpider/ScoopStandard11.0
T4040lb x 2ozSteel/Painted304SSTStandard8.25
T40-SSP40lb x 2ozSteel/PaintedSST Round PanStandard8.25
T40-P40lb x 2ozSteel/PaintedSpider/ScoopStandard11.0
T100100lb x 4ozSteel/PaintedSteel/Nickel PlatedN/A24.25
T200200lb x 8ozSteel/PaintedSteel/Nickel PlatedN/A24.25
T1000G1000g x 5gSteel/Painted304SSTStandard32.5
T02KG2kg x 5gSteel/Painted304SSTStandard7.75
T04KG4kg x 10gSteel/Painted304SSTStandard7.75
T05KG5kg x 20gSteel/Painted304SSTStandard7.75
T10KG10kg x 50gSteel/Painted304SSTStandard8.25
T20KG20kg x 100gSteel/Painted304SSTStandard8.25
T30KG30kg x 100gSteel/PaintedSteel/Nickel PlatedN/A24.25
T40KG40kg x 100gSteel/PaintedSteel/Nickel PlatedN/A24.25
T50KG50kg x 200gSteel/PaintedSteel/Nickel PlatedN/A24.25

Dual Reading Table Top Scales:

ModelCapacityHousingPlatformDashpot KitWeight (lbs)
T02-MAS32oz x 1/8ozSteel/Painted
1000g x 5g
2500g x 10g
T10-MAS10lb x 1ozSteel/Painted
5kg x 20g
T20-MAS20lb x 1ozSteel/Painted
10kg x 40g
T40-MAS40lb x 2oz

20kg x 80g

T100-MAS100lb x 4ozSteel/Painted
45kg x 200g
Steel/Nickel PlatedN/A24.25
T200-MAS200lb x 8ozSteel/Painted
90kg x 200g
Steel/Nickel PlatedN/A32.5

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