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Detecto MCS-F Series Fish Scales

Model: MCS-F

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Manufactured by: Detecto
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The MCS-F Series is equipped with a large 14.5" (37cm) round stainless steel pan with drainage holes and chrome bows for weighing fish in. These economical dial scales are built for heavy use and are popular with produce merchants, butchers, and grocers. The large 8" (20cm) dial is furnished with easy-reading black graduations and numerals on a white background, while the red knife blade pointer indicates weight fast and accurately. The dial mechanisms are protected by the plastic lens, while plastic housing eliminates dents and scratches. All hanging dial scales are available with double dial and/or temperature compensated springs.

  • Pan: 14.5" (37cm) round stainless steel with drainage holes
  • Dial: 8" (20cm) dial, with plastic lens
  • Shipping Weight: 6 lb / 2.7 kg
MCS-F Series Hanging Scale Models:

MCS-20F20lb10lb x 1oz2
MCS-40F40lb20lb x 2oz2
MCS-10KGF10kg5kg x 25g2
MCS-20KGF20kg10kg x 50g2

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